What Is Personal Injury Law?

Posted by James PetersOct 16, 20180 Comments

Injured man consulting an attorney about a lawsuit.

A personal injury case is defined by some type of negligence claim on the part of another person. The injuring party must have done something wrong that resulted in someone being injured. When someone else is responsible for your injury, your lawyer will seek to resolve your case through a formal lawsuit or an informal settlement. The most common types of personal injury cases result from:

Car Accidents

Harmful Drugs

Birth Injuries

Food Poisoning

Gun Injuries

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Dog Bites

While there is often pain and confusion at the time of an injury, there are steps to take to build your case if you want to file a successful personal injury claim. A few of the most critical steps to take are 1) describe (in writing) as much detail as possible about the incident; 2) file a police report; 3) obtain medical records; and 4) photograph the scene of the accident. Each of these steps provides evidence when it comes time to meet with your attorney and lay out your case.

Another reason to take these steps as soon as possible after the incident is that states have different statutes of limitation from the date of an injury to the filing of a case. If you or a loved one has been involved in a personal injury case, contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Rockville, MD, at Kurtz and Peters. To find out more about our services, call 301-795-8272