Tactics Officers Might Use When Questioning Suspects in Montgomery County, MD

If you're facing criminal charges in Montgomery County, MD it is important to understand the kinds of tactics that officers might use in order to get a confession or acquire evidence. While there are some limits to what officers can and cannot do in order to get a confession, not all people understand the tactics that are used. For instance, officers can lie to you to get you to confess to a crime. They may claim to have evidence that they do not have. They may also observe you when they are not present in the interrogation room. Anything you say or do may be recorded. The key thing to understand is that you are not required to speak to officers and you do have the right to seek the counsel and assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. You are innocent until proven guilty and you always have the right to remain silent.

Officers may play “good cop” “bad cop” or they may isolate you while you are facing questioning. This can increase your anxiety. The officer may even try to tell you that you are guilty, even if they do not have any evidence. You have the right to ask whether you are free to leave, and to leave if you are free to go. You also have the right to stop all questioning and to ask for a lawyer. If you are under investigation or are facing questioning, consider contacting the criminal defense lawyer at Kurtz, Peters and Associates. Our criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County, MD can protect your rights if you are under investigation. A lawyer can stand beside you throughout the questioning process to see that officers follow proper legal procedure.

Let a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You Understand Your Options in Montgomery County, MD

If you're facing criminal charges in Montgomery County, MD, you may have a range of options. Your criminal defense lawyer can review your case to determine the best option for your legal situation. For instance, in some cases you can get your sentencing or charges reduced if you choose to take a plea deal. In other cases, evidence against you may be weak and it may be wise to fight your case in court. In some instances, charges may even be dropped. A criminal defense attorney can look closely at the evidence against you, at the circumstances of your arrest, and perform any independent investigations into the case required. The police and government have teams working on their side to prove their case against you. You need a criminal defense lawyer who can offer you the tailored personalized attention you deserve. Kurtz, Peters and Associates is a criminal defense lawyer who can speak to witnesses, gather evidence, and speak to experts to help you build the strongest possible case. If you are being charged with a crime, the Montgomery County, MD criminal defense attorneys at Kurtz, Peters and Associates can help.

Contact a Montgomery County, MD Criminal Defense Lawyer

It can be incredibly stressful to face criminal charges in Montgomery County, MD. Whether you're facing drug charges, a DUI, or other serious criminal charges, a criminal defense lawyer can stand beside you every step of the way, protecting your rights and your reputation. The consequences of being found guilty of a crime can be immense. You need qualified legal counsel when your reputation, your future, and your freedom is on the line. Kurtz, Peters and Associates are criminal defense attorneys in Montgomery County, MD who can help you with your case and offer you a roadmap forward.