We will try to modify child support payments by increasing or decreasing those payments. If there is a significant change in the custody arrangement or your income changes you have specific rights you can assert. We can help you modify the support order by either trying to get you additional funds or, if you are paying support, to decrease those payments. If the other parent is not paying court-ordered support, we will aggressively pursue enforcement. The court has several remedies available for willful nonpayment of support, including jail or wage garnishment. Our firm's Maryland family law attorneys have also negotiated on behalf parents to settle back child support, paternity cases or in financial hardship cases. If you suspect your child's other parent is hiding assets or failing to report income, our firm has methods to expose that conduct and adjust the child support payments accordingly.

Our Maryland divorce attorneys will work tirelessly to get you the result you are entitled to. We understand the tactics and strategies used by the adverse party and his or her attorneys; we are very successful in counteracting those moves and going on the offensive if the case calls for it. We have no problem taking a case to trial if the other litigant is being unreasonable or asking for more than the law requires. We will also work hard to reach favorable settlements when the circumstances call for that resolution as well.  

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