James A. Peters has a general legal practice handling both civil and criminal cases in the  Rockville, Maryland and Washington DC area. Mr. Peters focuses the majority of his practice on defending residents of the State of Maryland charged with criminal offenses. Mr. Peters takes an aggressive approach and never looks for the easy way out of a case. James Peters is dedicated to providing his clients with experienced representation against criminal charges in Maryland criminal courts.

A native of Montgomery County, Maryland, James was born and raised in Potomac, Maryland where he graduated from Winston Churchill High School. He earned his J.D. at The University Of Colorado Law School in Boulder, Colorado and earned his B.A. at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. James is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association, the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Association and The University Of Colorado Law School Alumni Club.

Mr. Peters worked for The Colorado Public Defender's Office in 2007. While still in law school, he assisted senior public defenders on First Degree Murder cases for which the State of Colorado was seeking the death penalty. During that same time period, Mr. Peters handled criminal cases in Colorado State Courts.

After returning to Maryland, Mr. Peters has focused his practice on providing quality legal services to criminal defendants and civil plaintiffs throughout the Maryland State Court System. He has handled numerous criminal matters ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol to violent felonies. In civil practice he has reached favorable settlements and verdicts for a number of valuable clients. Mr. Peters gives each and every case the attention it deserves and values working hard for his clients interest's day in and day out.

Contact James A. Peters, Esquire at: [email protected]

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    Mr. Peters was extremely knowledgeable, quick and efficient, as well as thorough with my case I am truly thankful and satisfied with his services. 
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    I have had occasion to engage James Peters' services more than once. I have always had a favorable outcome and trust him completely. He has the knowledge, confidence, and dignity in the courtroom that in turn inspires my confidence in him as my attorney. I would always go back to James and would ...
  • Anonymous Recommends James Peters

    When you need a criminal attorney. James Peters is your man. This guy shows up ready and prepared to take on whatever the prosecutor is going to dish out. Mr. Peters puts together his game plan , and goes at it 100%. I'm very pleased that he stuck to his guns, and didn't just sit back and watch. ...